Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Patriotic Blog Sale!

Motherland - SOLD

In just one month we'll be celebrating our nation's Independence Day!  
We've visited many wonderful places around the world, but none can fill that special place in our heart's like our home in the good ol' USA.  We hope you'll join us in celebrating this country with these fabulous characters who are all about the red, white and blue!! :-)
As usual, this blog sale offers first dibs on our new spun cotton one-of-kind figures. If you see something(s) you love, just email us at and we'll let you know if they're still available. First come first served! we'll update item status in this post as often as we can to make it easier for you to know what's available. Items often get scooped up quickly, so make your selection as swiftly as you can, you can always add available pieces to your order later.  Also feel free to include second choices in case your first choice is unavailable, but make sure you label them "second choice".  Click on photos to enlarge.

Shipping is $3.50 for one item and $1 per additional item up to $6.50, then additional pieces are free.  All paid orders will ship out immediately via first class mail and should arrive within a few days.  If you prefer 1-3 day priority shipping, please let us know (there will be an additional $3 charge).  We send Paypal invoices via email unless you specify that you'd rather pay via check. And of course email us if you have any questions!
Happy Shopping!  

Firework Friend - SOLD
Rocket Child - SOLD

Stars and Stripes - SOLD
 Libby Liberty - SOLD

 Party Girl - SOLD
Willy Penn - 40

Blue Sue - SOLD
Amber Waves - SOLD

The Whistler - SOLD
The Campaigner - 32

Uncle Samuel - 50
Uncle Sammy - SOLD

The Patriot - 32
American Bunny - SOLD

Free Bird Ride - 38
Miss Bright Star - SOLD

Miss Independence - SOLD
Miss USA - 32
Mr. Fourth of July - SOLD

Miss Betsy - SOLD 
 Miss Rushmore - SOLD
Miss Summer - 32

Lincoln One - SOLD
Lincoln Two - 45
Lincoln Three - 45

Jefferson One - 45
Jefferson Two - SOLD
Washington - SOLD

Bald Eagle (Paper Mache Head) - 40

Limited Edition Pieces
Miss Glory (One Remaining) - 32
Cherry Chop (Three Remaining) - 32
Yankee Doodle (One Remaining) - 32

Monday, June 1, 2015

Patriotic Blog Sale Sneak Peek!

Here's a preview of what's in store for Wednesday''s Patriotic Blog Sale!
We hope to see you here! :)

  Wednesday, June 3rd - here, the blog - 11:00am EST

Friday, May 29, 2015

Patriotic Blog Sale Announcement!

The fireworks are in full blast here in the studio! 
We are exploding with ideas of red, white, and blue 
and of course, some familiar historical figures too.
We're kicking of the Fourth of July celebration with a fun filled collection of patriotic goodies that are bursting with excitement to meet you!  We can't wait to show you what we have cooking for this Wednesday's Patriotic Blog Sale. :-)
Hope to "see" you here!   

New one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces will be available for purchase on:
Wednesday, June 3rd - here, the blog - 11:00am EST

 The Blog offers first dibs on our new creations.  If you'd like to be notified about upcoming blog sales and special events, just sign up for our mailing list on the right side of my blog, or leave a comment with your email address

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


 I've been going to Brimfield for almost 10 years now and it never gets old!  Or...I should say it's always the best way possible!  Antique treasures galore!  There are numerous fields that you couldn't possibly walk through in one day, or even two.  Maybe if you started in the morning and took all day to simply walk up and down the aisles without any overlap and without actually stopping to look and certainly not stopping to buy....then maybe you could do it in a day.   We tend to shop the field we park in the most.  My usual Quaker Acres was full, so we parked at another field nearby and saw a whole new set of faces (vendor faces I mean).  It was nice! 

Ben and I loved these marionettes.  The vendor was MIA, so I didn't even get to ask how much these cool skull and bunny heads were...but now looking at these photos again I wish I had!

The cast was vast.

Old rusty stuff is always popular.

Ben snapped this photo...I didn't even see all of this stuff!  That couldron is amazing.  I can picture a life sized witch hovering over it, ready to drop in some rat tails and toad skin. 

They were filming the HGTV show Flea Market Flip in the field we were shopping in.  We kept running into them and trying to stay out of the shots, but it was fun to see.  The producer asked the two brothers who were on the same team to stop and tell them why they're going to beat the sisters, trying to egg on the competition.  

This booth was amazing!!!  It was like walking into a terrarium!  Everyone else liked it was crowded!  I missed my chance to buy one of their amazing carnivorous pitcher plants.  I planned to come back for it at the end of the show, but couldn't find their tent again in the sea of other booths!  Sigh...oh well.

Ben wanted to take this coffee table home.  A lady walking by said, "good luck having guests visit you again!" 

I wanted to take all of this home!  This booth was full of extremely rare cotton, dresden and every other type of antique german Christmas and holiday everything.  

Sigh...this is what got me spinning in the first place.  :)

Similar to one of the elephants I make!  Surely inspired by this guy. 

Come on...this is cool.  My dad definitely needs to make this asap.

We brought a few things home.  We had a specific list of things we were looking for.  This awesome wire cart was not one of them, but made it's way home anyway. 

This vintage but modern chair was definitely one of them.  We were looking for three chairs total, but upholstered items are not plentiful in the 'floods when it rains' fields of Brimfield.  This beauty has it's original upholstery, which is in amazing condition and is so soft and silky.  It's incredibly comfy and ikat is in right now, so...score!

Yum...right at home with our yellow craigslist chair, craigslist sofa, and Great Uncle Jack foot stool in the reading room.

This mini vintage child's sled was on our list too.  Destined for an almost life sized Santa and team of foxes.

Also on the list, three frames for shadow boxes I plan to create this summer.  I bought a fourth one, but the scoundrel vendor who promised to put it to the side for me took off with it before I came back for it.  I had a gut feeling about him.  Oh well!  Everyone else was very honest and nice and certainly hoping for repeat customers!  It was least pretty of the group anyway.  Aren't these grand and amazing!

So overall it was an amazing day!!  :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Wonderful Things Happening In Brooklyn!

Last weekend Ben, Olive and I visited some friend in Brooklyn.  Spring had barely started up north in planting zone 5 at our house, but three hours south in zone 6, things were happening. 

We swung by a community garden nearby and it was just amazing to see green grass and flowering trees and people planting things....

They even had picnic table ready for when harvest time rolls around and you can eat right out of the garden.

Lettuce galore!

And best of all...chickies!!!  Olive was very happy to see them.  Especially since our flock has the worst luck.  This time it was 2 loose dogs breaking in in the middle of the night two days before we left for NYC.  All of them.  :(  We have 15 new chicks coming in a few weeks.  Try, try again!  I can't wait for Olive and I to raise these new ones together.  :)

Happy Spring!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sweet Paul Makerie! Unbelievable!!!

Phew!  What a weekend!  That's what I keep saying!  Ben and I spent the weekend in Philadelphia hanging out and making cool things with an amazing group of people.  The air was buzzing with fun and creativity and all fingers were busy moving and making.

We spent the first day at Terrain, which I'm sure you've all heard of before, but it's an amazing retail location chock full of unusual plants and home goods.  Plants were literally dripping from the ceiling and my heart skipped a beat, and Ben, who's heart needs just a bit more than mine to skip, practically flat lined.  If you're ever in or near's a must see.  They even do weddings and events...the photo above is where we ate (the most amazing food). 

I kinda need these...

It was fun teaching the workshop...we had some special guests taking our class, including Sweet Paul himself, the Creative Directors of Land of Nod (amaaaazing kid's stuff!), and Genevieve from HGTV's Dear Genevieve (who has amazing style - that's her hair there in the middle).

The pop up shop was super friend Mimi was there and she brought all of her doll friends with her to share as you can see.

Sweet Paul did a great shop on his spun cotton squirrel.  Did you know Sweet Paul is from Norway?  He has an amazing accent.

Some of our class creations...I love how everyone made it their own.  Look at the dancer on the right!

More great pieces from another session.  The little boy in the middle is for a third birthday sweet, right?

The second day of the Makerie took place at the URBN campus at the Navy Yard.  It's the headquarters of Terrain, Anthropologie, Free People, Urban Outfitters and BHLDN.  And the space is utterly incredible!  The founder bought all the buildings for $1 from the city of Philadelphia who was planning on demolishing them.  He restored them and they now house some of the coolest looking office space on the planet.

Yes, this is the hallway.

 The "Library" reading nook.  They have every inspiring magazine you can think of and I only regret that I didn't have more time to spend there with nose in all of them, complete with comfy (and pretty) chair and the illusion of flower petals falling overhead.

 The lounge area/waiting room, when you first walk in. 

 The indoor jungle.  I mean, come on...look at those giant plants!  Now I really want one.  An indoor jungle I mean.  Sigh...

Sweet Paul's latest issue has my favorite magazine cover of all time.  Totally and completely frame worthy.

Our second day of workshops was in the spacious "Acid Room".  I can only imagine how it got that name...

Meredith & Anna had a beautiful class set up and did all the signage for the event....I wish I could have taken their class!!

This was an incredible event!  Ben and I are both still buzzing with excitement and completely exhausted!  We're happy to be home and happy to be with Olive again.  I'm not sure what plans Sweet Paul and friends have in the making for next year, but I highly recommend jumping on that creative bandwagon if you can!!  :)