Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The History of Websites...

It only took about five years and five different tries, but I finally have a website that I feel proud of. It's not perfect, but it's pretty, it's simple and hopefully it's easy for people to find their way around.

The first website I had was pretty cool. I created it in Flash so it had all sorts of neat animations and intros and fade ins and this and that. The only problem? It was way too much work to update. Every new item I added was a major production. That's the problem with websites that are all flash....super flashy but not too practical unless you don't plan to update it regularly. With that idea trumped, I thought I'd create a website that was only partially flash, but that got too complicated too. I then started another website but before I was half finished I was already sick of the design. After that I created a nice simple website, but it was a little inconsistent and lacked some identity. FINALLY...(the fifth time's the charm!), I created a website that had some personally but still was really simple and to the point. I omitted all the unnecessary clutter and kept all of the pretty stuff. So here it is! It's purpose? To showcase my work of course! I've also got a shopping system with paypal buttons if anyone wants to buy anything. I try to update it with new items as often as I can (in fact it really needs an update now...I've got tons of new stuff!). Take a look and maybe you'll get some ideas for your own website! :) www.vintagebycrystal.com

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