Monday, June 30, 2008

My First Successful Show

I had lots of goodies to sell, the weather was fine, people were out and about...what a great show! The Boston Handmade Marketplace was a complete success, thanks to Jessica Burko, our devoted team leader and I'm inspired to sell at more local shows because of her! This was technically my third show...but the first one was a bust and the second was rained out. The Marketplace took place in Union Square in Somerville and the turnout was fabulous! Both a diverse selection of artists and a good crowd came to participate in the excitement. We even had some local musicians play to set an even artsier ambiance.

I was initially a bit hesitate to do shows because of the cost of booth fees, all of the work of hauling everything to the location, setting it up, sitting there all day, taking it down and then hauling it back. But I have to say that the booth fee was reasonable, hauling the stuff was certainly a pain, but setting it up was fun and interacting with people was fabulous! I loved explaining my creative time line to curious ears and telling the stories behind each piece. My bunny and cat figures and animal ornaments were quite popular as always and having an audience and getting positive feedback was a real boost to my creative esteem!

I plan on doing more shows in the future...and whenever and wherever they may be, I hope to see you there!


Lonely Paul said...


Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Hi! Just found your blog! Your booth looks lovely! I'm in Mass too.... so sad I missed this show!

windlewood said...

Absolutely fabulous display!!! Truely! I would have loved to see it in person.
Lenae from the windlewood collection. said...

Your booth looks fantastic!