Thursday, July 3, 2008

Two little birdies...

Can you guess which bird is just a ceramic statue? Sam couldn't tell the difference and he sat here on the window sill for quite some time yelling at the inanimate object. To be honest I think he was upset because the statue wasn't talking back. Michelle, Sam's birdie friend who is actually alive and can talk (budgie talk, not people talk), likes to stay in the cage while Sam prefers to spend his time roaming around the dining room. He's always yelling at her to join him in front of the giant mirror displayed in my built in shelves, but she typically ignores him...just like I ignore Ben when he tells me to stop bringing his favorite tupperware to work. I guess at this particular moment Sam thought he might have better luck with the bird that's been sitting on the window sill since before he was born! I just happened to have my camera handy and snatched this too adorable photo of him and his new acquaintance. Unfortunately the didn't form that long lasting bond he was hoping for... Maybe he'll have better luck with the next birdie figure I bring home! :)

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jenny holiday said...

You have a budgie!!!!!????? Ohhhh myyy gooooodness!!! I have been wanting wanting wanting a budgie for years! But "daddy says no" which is what we say over here when Aaron is against an idea of mine! LOL! We lost our kitty Zoe last year to cancer,and it was very very hard on us. Aaron says he doesn't think he'd be able to handle another loss. For my bday last year my sis showed up with a brand new house shaped cage...books...and all the toys and bits and bobs I'd ever need for my budgie! It sits in her attic right now. boo hoo.

Our new apt is small..but I haven't given up hope. Maybe this coming bday!! October!!!

fingers crossed!!!

xoxo Jenny