Friday, August 1, 2008

Holy Mermaid!

And I mean HOLY MERMAID! Last weekend I met up with the fam in Cape Cod to do a little vacationing. My little sister Suzi (she's 10) and I spent some quality time together strolling down the sidewalks of Chatham, checking out what their little stores had to offer. Suzi spotted a mermaid sign on the front of a store from a mile away and made a B-line for it with me in tow (what little girl doesn't like mermaids?).

"Mermaids on Main" is the name of the store and what a fabulous store it is! Holy cow! My favorite two colors, a specific shade of light blue and white were everywhere! The whole store was chock full of seashells and sea glass and cast iron mermaids. It was gorgeous!! Suzi had $10 for cleaning the kitchen back home and she cleaned up in this store. She bought some sharks teeth to fool our other sister into thinking she found them on the beach. Then she picked out an old fake pirate coin to fool our brother. The coin and sharks teeth really were gifts for them, but not so straight forward. She's gotta have some fun with them first and of course I played along. She really is such a generous girl and loves giving gifts for people. I'm so proud of her for that and for many other things. She goes to AC Moore and collects the broken fake flower pieces off the floor and gives most of her stash to me to use wherever needed. I'm saving up the large blossoms to make her a spring time flower wreath (sushhh...don't tell her!).

So. If you ever find yourself in or around Chatham, sure to stop into Mermaids on Main, especially if you're with your sister, big or won't regret that you did!! :)

Here's Suzi

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