Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A museum where everything is for sale!

This past weekend Ben and I traveled to the Catskill area of New York to watch his brother get married. The wedding was a blast and what made the whole thing even better was that there was a huge antique center right next to my hotel! Yay! Ben was the best man so he spent the day getting ready with the bridal party (or groom party?) while I went antiquing with their dad and step-mom.

The Antique Center in Coxsackie was huge! And the vendor booths seemed like Museum exhibits. One fabulous thing carefully displayed after the next. I took some photos of some of my favorite goodies, which were unfortunately too overpriced for my wallet...but hey, admission was free!

One display case has two shelves filled with antique Christmas ornaments. They were to die for!! I wanted them all, instead all I took home were their photos.

Some of these photos would have worked great for my cake toppers, but again...these babies were off limits.

Remember the holiday dolls a couple of posts back? I bought them all for less than this one...granted mine are all broken...but still!

This girl is too cute! She reminds me of the work Laurie Duncan does, which I absolutely love!

And who could resist tiny bisque dolls and animals?! But these would have broke the bank had I indulged myself....sigh...maybe next time! :)


jenny holiday said...

GREAT pics!! Thanks so much for the show and tell!!!

You MUST take the trip to Paradise P.A. to the Christmas Museum!! AMAAAZING!!! The guy that runs it is soooooo cool!! Looks like Santa!..and his name is Jim Morrison!! LOL!

And right up the road is the best Antique shop...fullll of Christmas stuff!! You would LOOOVE it!!!

xoxo Jenny

sMacThoughts said...

I love antique Christmas ornaments.

oldflowers4me said...

hello-your photos are great....