Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

I know I really shouldn't be posting about Christmas on October 1st...but what the heck! I've been having a hard time trying to get in a creative Christmas mode seeing as how it's beautiful autumn right now and I'd really prefer to bask in the glory of Christmas when it's threatening snow and we can snuggle up inside with some warm soup and one of Tim Allen's "Santa Claus" movies. But seeing as how I need to make lots and lots of goodies for three big shows I'm doing in December...I better start early!

I've been really into white for Christmas. It brings a little bit of the snowy outdoors inside while still managing to warm everything up. Throwing a little light blue in makes me think of icicles and skating ponds. I never really thought red and green were the right colors for Christmas. Sure, they make up for Christmas trees and holly berries...but those pale in comparison to the vast hills of snow and ice you'd see in a perfect winterland scene.

So these pieces are inspired by those thoughts of delicious snow and elegant ice.

I'll be making these Santas all different colors eventually and they will be either ornaments or standing figures (like the blue guys up top).

I love these cozy looking winter girls, all dressed up in fluffy bulk and holding onto to some notion of winter.

This needle felted snow girl is on of my favorite new creations. She's holding a vintage glass ball "lantern" that my friend Mimi so generously shared with me!

Who could resist a little snow fairy?!

And this jolly wool snowman comes with his own basket and ribbon scarf. I'll be posting some of these goodies in my Etsy store soon...(even though it's so early for Christmas!) :)


T=ME said...

It's never to early to talk Christmas. I love all your ornaments. The blue does remind me of cold. Thanks for sharing! Terri

mimi k said...

I am so glad you are able to use some of the treasures from the box! Everything looks wonderful :-)

sMacThoughts said...

I can wait no longer. I must start collecting these wonders. My first purchase in your shop just occurred moments ago. I can't wait!

jenny holiday said...

You are seriously killling me!!!! Hands RULE!!!! You totally RULE!!!

Everything you create is PERFECTION!! All I need to do is win the lottery!! That way I can have you on payroll!!! hahaa!!

Thank you SO SO SO SO much for the incredibly kind words you left for me over on my blog!! You had us smiling ear to ear!! You made Aaron super happy as well!! :)

As soon as the craziness calms down, we HAVE to do a lil swaparoo!!!!!!

Hope you are enjoying some fallish activities!!!

Have a great Sunday!

xoxo Jenny

Aaron says hi!!

Lisa Cook said...

I am loving your Christmas creations, Miss Crystal! I think you have a wonderfully unique point of view and I am a BIG fan! It will be fun to shop for Christmas with you this year.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your work...I have wanted to try needle felting for some time are insperational...Fond Regards..Palmer