Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A masquerade party and a hint at something new...

This past Saturday night Ben and I went to the Artist's Masquerade Ball in Jamaica Plain. While I was at the SOWA show last Sunday (which turned out to be a beautiful and profitable day!) I was lucky enough to be standing next to our fearless BostonHandmade Team leader Jessica when she mentioned that she had two tickets to the ball but wouldn't able to go. She was giving away her tickets! I was happy to relieve her of them and Ben and I wound up having a blast!

Of course we forgot to take our camera with us to the party, so we just took some photos when got home. (Last year Ben went as a two headed guy for Halloween and still regrets not taking any photos!) I made Ben a mask just two hours before the party! He was scrambling around figuring out what to wear. The glue was barely dry when he put the mask on. And he noticed the black glitter I couldn't help but line the very top with...he shook his head and laughed, because he knows I can't resist the glitter! :) I went maskless, but wore a full vintage ensemble (accept for my shoes - which were covered in silver glitter).

There were some great costumes at the party and lots of yummy finger foods. I'm kinda bad when it comes to edibles at parties. I don't drink, so I hover over the hors d'oeuvres like it's the first time I've ever seen food. Thinking back, I probably should have worn a mask... lol.

This is my costume. The knee length dress I got at an antique fair for $3! It's completely handmade and was in perfect condition (although quite tight across the ribs..ouch!). The big puffy petticoats underneath are for a wedding dress and I got them for $9 at a thrift store when I was in college...I've worn them for every single Halloween since! And the little hat is from the 20's or 40's or somewhere around there. I'm surprised it stayed on my head so well! You can't really see it, but I wear rhinestone jewelry alot and I really layered it on for the party!

The pumpkin I'm holding is the little hint at something brand new...hopefully tomorrow or the next day I'll have a whole post about it. Stay tuned! :)

I wanted to show off my handsome guy without his mask...he's such a sweetie! :)

So so handsome.... :)


Melissa said...

Gorgeous couple! Looks like a fun outing. LOve the pumpkin head.

jenny holiday said...

Ok...You two rule on way more than a few levels!!!!

Why oh why don't you live next door???

xoxo Jenny

Carol said...

Hi Crystal,
I recently found you on flickr and have now also discovered your blog. I love your whimsical creations and find them very inspiring! I also mentioned you in my latest blog post.
You both look fabulous in these photos!
Best wishes from Germany sends you