Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My house at Halloween...

It's almost Halloween!! I thought I'd share some of my decorations with you!

I've been slowly adding Halloween decor here and there all month long and I'm happy to report that my house has a pleasantly festive feel to it!

However...there is one thing missing...Pumpkins!! This is the second year in a row where I won't have any pumpkins...which is very sad...but I just can't bring myself to spend $8 on one pumpkin (those suckers are expensive here in Boston!). My cousins back in New York grow pumpkins to sell every year and every year I've always picked my own pumpkins from their patch. I've either given them a bit of money or have helped in some way with their patch (when we were kids I would help them weed in the summer while singing country music songs out loud!). This year I haven't been able to get back to NY in time for pumpkins.

Oh well! Instead I've got my crazy characters painted on pumpkin patch finds from years past. The guy you see in the bottom right hand corner of that photo up there is a giant dried bushel gourd! He's HUGE!

Another little peek at my little sister in pumpkin form courtesy of Mom.

This "feather" tree is my pride and joy of the season this year. I wanted a nice Halloween tree where I could hang the ornaments I I just decided to make one! I just used materials I had lying around the house.

I started out with a thin piece of scrap wood sawed off from the side of an old board. I took a knife and carved off the harsh edges to make it a little more round and dowel-like for the trunk of the tree. Then I took some thick wire and masking tape and bent and cut the wire for the branches, securing it to the trunk with the tape. I twisted red plaster berries on the ends of the branches and then painted everything black. Then I fringed some black crepe paper and twisted it around the branches, securing the loose ends with glue. I secured the bottom of the trunk into a metal urn I picked up at a flea market with some styrofoam and whole bunch of loose pennies (a temporary solution...I have to think of something more permenant for next year). And voila! My very own "crepe" tree! :)

My hallway display. The witch is from Janie and I made the BOO banner a few years ago.

Lastly we have Miss. Crepe Paper Witch. She is one of the few vintage Halloween decorations I own (they are so expensive these days!). I love her so much I even crafted a few crepe witches of my own in her image! I took more photos of other displays in my house...but those photos always come out too dark, almost black...hmmm...I really do have to improve my photography skills. Maybe I'll try again and post those later if they come out good.

I'd love to see your Halloween decorations! :)


Mary said...

Wow! That tree is fabulous! You really did a great job on it. Also love all your gourd ornaments. Really vintage looking.

laurie said...

So cool...your decor is great. You have also inspired me to do a tree. I have two small urns (majorily on sale last year at Target - Smith and Hawken brand that they carry - I spray painted them silver) that are begging for a tree - I think I feel a project coming on. I'll let you know how it turns out!
happy halloween
p.s. can't believe how giant that gourd is!

Lucie Wicker Photography said...

You're inspiring- next year I'm decorating for Halloween!

btw- tag!

Sarah and Jack said...

This is an old post, but I was digging around your blog a little. I love that you made that Halloween tree. It's too cute.