Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas all! I am currently at my parent's house in upstate New York. I'll be sleeping in my sister's trundle bed tonight and Ben will on the couch downstairs while Santa fills the stockings.

In the mean time I am finally posting some photos of my holiday decor! :) There's alot to look at, so grab a Christmas cookie or two and enjoy!

The blue house above was made by Janie....isn't it the perfect color blue?? And it's large too! I just love it! The reindeer was a birthday gift from my Mom, bought at Schuyler Pond in Saratoga. I think it's a mass produced Cody Foster really goes will with this little vignette!

This is part of my dining room nook, while the mini putz village lies.

My china cabinet proves to be the perfect place to display some of my favorite holiday pieces.

The dining room table holds a simple display of green trees on a white cake pedestal (another Christmas gift from mom and few years back). A single needle felted squirrel ornament hangs from the branches of the largest tree (made by mom).

I got this vintage snowman in a bag of old junk during the summer...he's right at home in the trees!

Another peek at the putz village nestled among the ironstone and milkglass...

Here's a close-up of my Christmas tree...filled to the max with mostly vintage ornaments. A few years ago before I really started my collection, there were a few pieces that I saw on ebay for $$$ and really wanted. Instead of indulging, I printed the photos of them and mounted them on cardboard. I cut them out and added glitter and and hung the on the tree! So silly, but I still hang them up! :) There's one in the photo...can you guess which one it is??

Here's a Cody Foster house that my Mom got me last year...I love the fact that it looks like a blizzard just hit! To the left is a small incense house. I got it when I went to Germany a few years ago. The top lifts off and you put incense inside and smoke comes out the cute!

Here are some photos from the weekend. My sister Sara (the blonde) and her friend Emma stayed with us for a few days. We venture out in the snow drifts to check out some museums, restuarants and even a comedy club.

A stack of gifts along with a few repro houses I bought for almost nothing at TJ of the few big retail purchases I'll make this year...

Emma, Sara and Ben conquer the cold in Cambridge....brrrrr....

Ben just had to stop a take a photo of this pretty tree in our neighborhood.

And lastly is the shirt I painted for Dad this year! Every year I do a different one for him. I started the tradition when I was a teenager!! I hope he likes it! :)

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm off to bed so Santa can come and leave some goodies!! :)


Carol said...

Oh Crystal I just love your collection of little Christmas houses and bottle brush trees!
And you have even have snow!
A very merry Christmas to you and your family!
Warmest wishes from a sunny Germany without snow sends you

P.S.: I just saw the sweet Santa's again you made for Heathers swap and I'm so jealous that I wasn't in that swap group, they are so fabulous!

Fraske Designs said...

i love your decorations!
merry christmas!

Sandy Michelle said...

I had to come over and visit after admiring your lovely cotton spun creations! I hope you are enjoying your holidays!

Sandy xox

Jenny Fowler said...

Crystal - I know I am a little late but I love the santa ornaments you sent for heather's swap. It was so lovely on my tree! Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new years!

Jamie said...

I just came across your wonderful all of your vintage bright and glittery decor & those houses you make are just to die for!!! I wanted to try out making similar ones for Christmas but didn't get to it (but who gets to everything they want to, hehe)? I'm thinking maybe a V-day house! What do you make yours out of if you don't mind me asking?