Monday, February 9, 2009

Pretty Pretty Pastels...

Lately I've been fighting off the winter blah's by spreading some color throughout the house. And since Spring is almost just around the corner (ok...maybe I'm pushing it a little...but I can pretend can't I?) I've been uncontrollably drawn to pastels.

A few weeks ago Ben brought home a whole bunch of cubby shelves that his work was going to throw away. He knew I would be able to use them and he was right! Forget flowers...the boy knows that the way to my heart consists of a little bit of rummaging through the garbage! Well...they were perfectly brand new and were still in their wrapping. So I took one and painted it in a vintage office green. Then I added some patterned paper and painted stripes and dots and came out with a pretty hanging cubby shelf for displaying new creations in my studio! I used bright pink ribbon to hang it from the picture rail near the ceiling. So pretty! I filled it with recent blue and pink characters and snapped a few photos to show you.

I only have two more of these four sisters...they're so sweet I'm getting a toothache just looking at them! :)

Bunnies and kitties...a specialty.

I just reorganized and redecorated my studio last month. The walls were a yellow ochre before (what was I thinking?) and I painted it a fresh and cheery seashore blue. It really brightens up the room! This is just a sneak peek at the new and improved space. I'll show you more photos later on.

Another little peek at my hat collection. They look so scrumptious slung up as a window treatment!

And I must not forget to tell of now I have still not chosen a winner for my give away. I won't be seeing Ben until tonight around 8:00 EST or so (he's randomly picking the number of the winner), so you'll have all day to leave a comment on the post below (not this post - although I'd love to hear what you think of my new little shelf!) and enter to win! I'll announce the winner tomorrow. Good luck and thank you to everyone who has already left a's so so nice to hear your sweet words! :)


Anonymous said...

The new shelf, wallpaper and set up adds to the fairy tale quality to your creations. I love your photos so much. This is my 5th peek today! J

GeorgiaPeachez said...

How bright and cheery! All the little creations and I love the new paint color. xo, suzy

Mary said...

What a great job you did on the cubbies! I just love the colors and the way your art compliments the whole look.

BTW, how did the art show turn out? I am so green with envy that I was too far away to attend. Hope it was fabulous!!

laurie - magpie ethel said...

Ben certainly brought home a goodie for looks adorable. The studio looks wonderful too...curious to see more. I remember in a previous post you mentioned you were going to move everything out and paint and have been a busy gal! Hope the show went well.

elma said...

What a great shelf idea!! I love the blue color on the wall it is a happy color. What a nice room to create.

jenny holiday said...

Just tooo toooo tooo sweet and happy and FUNNNNN!!!! I LOOOOVE seeing all of your lil characters all together!!!

I ADORE every single one!!!! I so need some of these girls!!!!

I'll be writing you back tonight!!

XOXO Jenny

Debbykay said...

I love your vintage hat collection as a valance! What a great idea! It is amazing how something old becomes something new! Your blog is a lot of fun--it is my first time stopping by! (I am a newbie in the blogosphere!)

Hope you can swing by for a chat, too! I would love to hear what you think about the tiebacks.

I will come again!