Monday, April 6, 2009

Invasion of the sparkly nests!

This is pretty much what I've been doing all weekend long. And this is only part of the second batch!! Thank you everyone for your orders!! I couldn't have asked for a better "invasion" than eggs, tinsel and cotton....I just hope they make it to everyone in time for Easter! Although they are perfect for year round display. :) Thank you! Thank you!


suzeeez said...

They are beautiful Crystal.
You must close your eyes now and make these nests in your sleep.
:o) Sue

Kerry Hawkins said...

I love the photos. they are so cute

Kass said...

SP GORGEOUS-wish I had watched Martha live instead of tiving ut- then I could have got one! Bravo.

jenny holiday said...

ahhhhhhhhhh I LOOOOOVE these!! I sooooo WANT one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are soo amazing!!!!

Happy Spring!!!
xoxo Jenny