Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally! New pieces have arrived!

You heard right! After about a month and a half I finally have a plethora of brand new designs made up and available for sale! After my appearance on Martha, I was crazy making made-to-order pieces and custom work (both of which I love doing, don't get me wrong!) and didn't have time for new creations. Well, the ideas piled up and I've finally been able to get them from my head and into the real world! I'll be posting them to Etsy all this week. This quartet of flower children is probably my favorite from this latest batch. They have petal faces and leaves growing from their arms!

I've been wanting to make unicorns for a while now. One in pink and one in white with a little mica for magic sparkle!

I'm really into fun colorful birthday themes lately. Pinks and polka dots... Plus I found a little bag full of colorful old birthday candles that graced birthday cakes way back when. Some have neat patterns and some are white with funfetti glitter...I love it! And check out Little Ms. Elephant. She's real shy and is hoping the birthday boy or girl loves the present she's giving!

I can never resist kitties. I love the red and teal color combo on this big sister and her little brother.

Some parties girls here. For a long time I had a strong aversion to purple. I'm not sure why...it just always looked tacky to me. I've recently rediscovered purple and it's passionate love affair with pink! They go soooo well together. I'm having a lot of fun rediscovering color and color combo's in general. :)

These guys don't have a lot of color, but they certainly aren't lacking in spots! A dalmation, giraffe and snowy owl are proud of their dots.

This striped snake might be poisonous...I'm not sure. lol A circus dog does tricks with a hoola hoop and unnaturally colored wolves are more playful than their grey companions.

Last but not least are the birds! This cleverly painted owl is a little different than my original owls. A sparrow sporting a party hat stretches out it's wings and a simple crow enjoys being simple. :)

A bunch of these pieces have already been sold, but I'll be posting the remaining pieces and more all week in my Etsy store...so check back often! :)


Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Oh my.... I am SO loving that sweet little elephant!!! It he still available?

Fraske Designs said...


sMacThoughts said...

Oh my gosh, so many I want. By the way, Crystal, my best friend came over recently and saw your Halloween boy riding on a Cat and was so blown away...told me to email the link to your shop so that he could browse more later. :)

laurie magpie ethel said...

You have been a busy gal! Love the elephant and the dog with the hula hoop. And of course I am a sucker for those soft pastel colors. Super cute as usual.

Jen Parrish said...

They were all so hard to resist last weekend!
Here is where my little owl ended up! Right at the top of my studio stairs to greet me each day :)


mimi k said...

ack! I absolutely LOVE the new birds!

Eggman Studios said...

Oh dear god. The unicorns! The elephant! The owls! They all slay me in the best of ways. Want want want!