Monday, May 18, 2009

Neighborhood Garage Sale

I LOVE neighborhood-wide, town-wide, village-wide...any kind of wide garage sale and I'm there! The great thing about these events is that you get a lot for a little. Many garage sales, many vintage finds, for a little bit of effort. Unlike conventional garage sales, there's no following garage sale signs for an entire mile before you realize that no one took the sign down from last week or even last month. No scouting out the most stratigic route to cover as many garage sales as possible while burning as little fuel and spending as little time on the road as possible. No more driving one, two, three miles only to discover that the garage sale is a dud. Nope...none of that nonsense. You just drive to one neighborhood, or one town. Park the car (don't forget your giant shopping bag or cart), and then walk from house to house. If one sale looks like a dud...just bypass it and continue on to the next one. If you purchase large items, just tell the seller you'll be back with the car in a bit and make a mental note of what you bought and where (this takes some practice). Carry the small stuff in your bag. If you circle around and are close to your car again, just empty the bag into the trunk and continue on. When you've seen it all or are tired of looking, hop in the car and pick up your too-heavy-to carry goodies and you're all set!

That's exactly what I did on Saturday morning. :)

I love little old bottles. These glass bottles have metal tops and their original labels. And that melted ice cream with the spoon? It's fake. I love pranking on Ben and had to grab this for .25 cents. Yesterday I ran upstairs to his studio and he came after me wondering why I was up there. He asked me what I was doing (he's very protective of his musical equipment) and I gave him a guilty look and said "nothing...". Then he looked down and saw the melted ice cream with the spoon right next to the keyboard of his precious mac laptop. He nearly had a coronary. "What did you do??!" He's so gentle and calm...but he was mad...well...mad for Ben. I got him good and we had a good laugh after he realized he wouldn't have to be dealing with sticky buttons. lol Now...who else can I fool....?

I have this thing about map puzzles and games. I was homeschooled as a kid for most of my elementary education and spent a lot of time studying maps and geography, so whenever I see anything having to do with learning geography, it's hard to resist! And I LOVE that fanned vase. I have to scout the flower bed outside for something pretty to display in it. I also nabbed those industrial kitchen storage containers. I really don't like things made with plastic and thought they'd make great tupperware.

And I love this nifty kitchen storage unit. I have another that I use in my studio...this one will join it. Plus some Christmas glasses to add to my collection.

Aren't these vintage children's backpacks just darling?! I love them so much! I wish I had some kids!

I also found a box of dolls. I was second guessing myself as to whether to buy them or not. They were kind of expensive for garage sale items. These two gals are quite large.

Two Ginny dolls with clothes.

These pretty girls with crocheted dresses.

I like this guy, although I don't know why. He looks a little clueless....and his fat arms and legs are adorable! lol My "too-big-to-carry" items included a child's rolltop desk and a vintage croquet set. I forgot to snap photos though.
That's it for show and tell! I'll be posting a bunch of these goodies for sale in my Vintage from Crystal Etsy shop (I love scouting out goodies to share!).
I'll be looking for more "wide" garage sales...stay tuned! :)


laurie magpie ethel said...

Good shopping day! Love the kitchen storage unit (I agree that will be perfect in your studio.) That last little guy speaks to me as well...glad you didn't pass him by.

Britt @ Sweet Sassy Molassy! said...

I LOVE those kinds of yard sales too! The dolls are great, I especially like the last one with the puffy arms and legs!


Little Brown Sparrow said...

Wow- I wish that kind of garage sale would catch on here in Australia, that's a fantastic way of doing things! I'd need a week's worth of solid thrifting to score that kind of loot, everything is wonderful. Well done!

mimi k said...

Love the dolls- lucky you!

Lydia said...

What fun. I had a great day with my daughter today. Such great bargains! Oh, lucky me! ...Lydia