Monday, May 11, 2009

New Website Update and a little Martha feature!

Yay! Finally I have finished updating my website. I've been so non-stop busy since last fall that I literally had no time to give my website the attention it deserved!

After sifting through many many photos of pieces that have found new homes long ago, I picked a select grouping from each category to offer on my website as made-to-order pieces. My whole website is now made to order, with the rare exception of just a few one of a kind pieces. You order, I make! Just to make note of, my selection of made to order pieces can change at any time. Sometimes it's because I ran out of a certain vintage material. Sometimes it's because I've made lots of a certain piece and I don't want too many of them out there, and sometimes it's because I just want to make room for new pieces. Also, I am no longer offering candy cones or plaster figures. I have a handful of the last original design candy cones that I will be offering at a special very low price very soon in my Etsy store...stay tuned for that!

In addition to revising my "for sale" section and other little tweaks here and there, I've also updated my "who's Crystal?" section, added an entire page devoted to my favorite links and added a bigger and better gallery section that I can easily add to over time. Phew! So glad I'm done...for now!

Enjoy perusing! (And if you happen to come across a bad link or a funky page, let me know!) :)

Also, I was surprised to see a photo of me and my pretty Magic kitty on Martha Stewart's website featuring guests and their pets! :)


laurie magpie ethel said...

Checked out the new website and I am impressed....VERY IMPRESSED! It looks really professional (and thanks for including me in a link too). Great photos of you too!
You have been one busy girl...

Judy said...

I love the picture of you and your kitty. Great website!!