Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry and Larry the Infamous Owl Twins!

Who says ornaments are just for Christmas! There are plenty of nuetral ornaments that look charming hanging from a cabinet knob or lamp switch all year long...especially coveted Dresden ornaments, like Harry the Owl! So far I've never seen new handmade dresdens, but a gal named Sally just opened her Etsy store called The Dresden Cottage, featuring Dresdens! The dresden ornaments I'm mentioning are a little different than the fabulous metallic dresden pieces that are so popular for crafting. They both were largely produced in Germany around the turn of the last century and both were made using a sort of pressed paper technique. The dresden ornaments I speak of however are much thicker, sturdier and made as an ornament in and of itself, not as an embellishment. They often are 3D, made of two or more sides glued together, like Harry, to create a more sculptural piece. The original dresdens are very rare (due to it's delicate nature, not many survived these 100 years) and are highly sought after. Most dresdens go for $200-$500 each. They really are great little ornaments and I drool heavily everytime I see them at an antique show. I'll show you my small (very small) dresden collection this Christmas when I put my feather up. :) Read more about dresdens at

Well...Sally now offers handmade versions of these old pieces for, let's just say a little cheaper than their old counterparts. We did a fabulous swap (thank you so much Sally for swapping!) and she surprised me with her owl ornament. I knew I loved him when I saw him in her store and was just tickled when I opened her package. It took me quite a lot longer than it should have to realize why I loved him so much.... I already own his twin brother in metal! Sally uses old German sculpts to make molds for her dresdens and I just happened to have the same exact owl! You can see him sitting on top of the shelf in this post from last year.

I couldn't be happier with my cuties sitting side by side. :)

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