Monday, August 24, 2009

Treasures from Acadia

This past weekend Ben and I spent four days in Acadia National Park up in Maine. This place is truly awe inspiring and I recommend it to anyone who loves the great outdoors. This place is covered in quaint pine forests with moss and lichens galore. I thought I saw the place where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs lived!

While I didn't do a ton of treasure hunting, we did stop at some cute antique shops on the way home. They were a bit pricey because the general population of that area are summertime tourists, but I did manage to score a handful (one handful to be precise) of cute things including an old cotton chick, a pretty unusually shaped Christmas ornament, a tiny kewpie doll dressed in a crepe paper flower dress, a Japanese deer figurine (I've got quite a collection of these deer now!) and a sailor pin. Some of these pieces I'll be using in my creations (as always).

I also found this pretty hat. It's very old and it actually much more brilliantly colored than this photo is leading on. It's posted in my Etsy shop if any hat or millinery collectors are interested!

This antique store was in downtown Bar Harbor...super cute but expensive. This basket of enchanting Japanese figures were charming, but I left them all behind. :(

Some building facade collages were quite inspiring!

And I want to spare you tons of boring vacation photos, but I couldn't help but share a few from our hike/climb up the Precipice Trail...a very steep and dangerous cliff face trail. In many areas skinny steel bars were the only thing that kept us from falling off the cliff! And I climbed the whole thing in a skirt! It's not quite fashionable, but I tied it in a million knots to create makeshift shorts. Needless to say I was expecting more of a gentle incline during this hike. lol

Ben has made it halfway across a precarious series of bridges and thin ledges.

The breathtaking view could be seen from any point during our hike (no pesky trees blocking our vision). This place really is "God's country".

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