Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big or Small?

I find it interesting how it's often impossible to tell exactly how large something is just by looking at it's photo. These two cat girls above for instance...are they small? Medium? Large? Can you tell just by looking at them on screen?

They in fact aren't only large...they're huge! About 9" tall. Some of the largest pieces I've done in fact...but how can you tell? I placed a normal sized cat girl in front to show the difference in size. She looks likes a baby compared to large ladies in back. I just love optical illusions!

Are these masquerading cuties normal sized? Or super sized?

Did you guess correctly? The normal sized guy in front is much too small to dance with these giant girls.

These large figures are on their way to Susan's Store Room in California where they'll loom over teeny trinkets for sure! :)


Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with your "regular" size, so I'm still not sure how big your "large" pieces are. Maybe use a pencil or a penny or something for scale. (I have a great picture of a friend standing in front of the Grand Canyon holding up a quarter "for scale.")

jenny holiday said...

fun fun fun!!! Aaron and I allllways talk about this!!! On ebay, sellers use soda cans..lol...we always joke when taking pics of new designs..."oh ..go grab the soda can"

I LOOOVE the idea of BIG versions of your creations!!! Will you be listing any? What is the price difference? I think I may NEEED some!!!

As always....PERFECTION!!

Happy Fall!!!
xoxo Jenny

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Oh! Love your girlies, so much fun!