Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Estate Sale Goodies

I hit some estate sales a few days ago and found some great things...including the little tins above. I also collect star shaped cookie cutters and pile them up on my typer's drawer.

This funny costume was found separately but go so well together...I wish I had taken a picture of Ben's face when he called me into his studio to tell me something and arrived wearing this...he stopped talking mid-sentence to smile. :) It'll be a goofy last minute Halloween getup.

This amazing tin tissue box was only a buck. It looks to be really old but I think they still make tissues long and skinny like that...I've been blowing my nose on toilet paper for so long I'm not aware of the latest trends in tissue innovation. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in the grocery store.

These super cute, super old booties are too precious for words. I love the dirty pink pair in the middle with the little jingle bells. I'm going to make some spun cotton cuties to tuck into them.

I'm not sure what I'll do with these dog tags but I couldn't pass them up. I might offer them up in my Etsy shop...they'll be great for someone who makes jewelry or collages. Look at the neat little dog house shaped ones!

These tiny bisque figures were a steal. I love the little sailor playing the unidentified wind instrument.

Ben got a kick out of these glove hangers. I've never seen them before and was enamored.

Of course my estate sale trip couldn't be complete without a few Christmas goodies. Some of these glass ornaments are really ornately painted and I'll be keeping them to hang on my tree. The bells and other glittered and flaked ornaments will be great little seats for my spun cotton figures.

I think this honeycomb snowman is my favorite find of the day. Can you guess what he is?? A box yes, but what is he supposed to hold?

Lastly, this amazing magazine holder wasn't from an estate sale. I stopped by Francesca from the Snail and the Cyclops' stoop sale and spotted this almost immediately. Her roommate Alice was also offering a fabulous whale print that was snatched up before I could get to it (darn!). Now this magazine rack replaces a boring wicker basket in the living room...yay! :)


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Good finds as usual Crystal. Mr. Honeycomb snowman is a match holder? Am I right? Loving the vintage Christmas of course!

ANestWithAView said...

Great stuff! Chills on those dog tags. I think it is a match holder as well.

theresa said...

I just picked up a bunch of tiny metal tart tins too at a rummage sale--seems there must be something cool and glittery to do with them!

Mary said...

I see Laurie beat me to the answer. I have a few of those Christmas match holders, but they are santas. Haven't ever seen a snowman. Great finds!