Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloweeny Snapshots...

The house is all decked out! I snapped a bunch of photos the other day to share with you. This photo above is the living room...I've been collecting vintage plastic jack-o-lanterns and piled them on top of Grandma's cabinet.

Standard hallway garlands.

Ahhh!!! They're getting out!!

Ben's mask from the masquerade party last year now keeps the lampshade shrouded in secrecy. The orchid used to be white but when the blossoms dropped off I replaced them with creepy black blooms.

Crazy gourd man sports a new hat! Or should I say old's from the 30's and has glittered witches on it! The old honeycomb spider is new him!

I made this guy a while ago after seeing his vintage counterpart on the cover of country living magazine.

Vintage garland a cutie made by Janie adorn one mirror...

...while old festooning and a witch made by Janie adorns another mirror!

I replaced a few of the photos in the bathroom with some more festive ones.

My mom's representation of my little sister in pumpkin form.

More vintage goodness! That devil head was the first piece in my collection...I don't think he's super super old...but he sure is fantastic!

And of course I put up my crepe paper Halloween tree! I have tons of new ornaments to adorn it from Heather's black and white Halloween ornament swap!

I also found these fabulous old black cat pieces at two separate garages in the same day. They really add to the festive feel...but I was told that I couldn't put them in the dishwasher...umpf!

All of these girls did an amazing job!! I just love all of the work and detail that went into each piece!

LOVE this victorian shoe!!

They just make me so giddy!!! I was a kid in a candy store when I was unwrapping each one...which reminds me...the packaging of each piece was almost as good as the ornament itself! Thank you so much girls!!

And lastly Mr. Scary Bear (who stays out all year to great visitors at the front door), says "Happy Halloween!" :-)


A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Crystal, I received my wonderful Good Witch and just love her. I will sincerely treasure her and keep her always.

Also I just want to say how wonderful your home looks with all of your halloween decorating, spookily fabulous!!!

Halliehoop said...

Lost of fun viewing. Thanks for sharing. Halloween is going to be over too soon for me.