Monday, October 12, 2009

Love and Weddings Abound!

This is certainly the year for weddings around here! Last Saturday Ben's cousin Russell married the lovely and beautiful Heather and commissioned me to create a cake topper for them! They wanted a likeness of their crazy selves and thought this "go Heather!" configuration fit them perfectly.

Ben's brother Matt officiated the ceremony...but there was a bit of a blunder as the chuppah fell down. This photo captured that fateful moment.

At the same exact time my very own big brother was tying the knot with his sweet and pretty Sara. They had a beautiful traditional wedding and with it went this beautiful cake topper I made them. How were we at two weddings at once you ask? Well, we weren't. :( We were here with my brother in upstate NY, but certainly thought of Ben's family down in NYC.

My brother is a country boy and it was so strange to see him dressed so nicely...I'll post a few photos of the big event when they come in. ;)

What a beautiful wedded weekend this was!

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