Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More yummy vintage items!

I found a few new old treasures in the past few weeks...including this sweet paper peanut box...

...with a celluloid kewpie inside! I found it an antique shop in Ballston Spa NY while I waited for my sister at the dentist. A good distraction!

And I don't have a lot of price books or antique guides, but I happened to find this box in two different books I had! Weird. The photo above is from a Japanese book called Yesterday's Toys. It's not a price guide, but has the most fantastic celluloid and tin toys in's positively drool worthy! The little black baby in the watermelon is a bit ill fitting in today's society, but I still think it's super cute and would grab it up if I found it!

This photo is from George Johnson's Christmas Ornaments and Collectibles. The strange thing is that all three boxes (between mine and the two books) all have different babies inside. I don't know whether a kewpie is worth more or less, but I have the 3.75" box, which according to this book is worth $55-65. Considering I only paid $12, I guess I got a deal! Whoo hoo! :)

There was a yard sale right outside the train station where I picked up Ben one day. It yielded some great things! Including a nice old side table and round-top shelf that I put into storage before I snapped a photo. This flour sifter is a bit grimy, but will serve as a pretty storage bucket!

Some tidbits from that sale and the local ghetto flea market. The rose lidded jar is my favorite.

I'm not in love with this paint by number, but for a buck it will look nice with the doggie paintings I have and any future pieces I find.

And these hats were found at the same antique store while waiting for my sister. They were a pretty good price and if I'm desperate, will also serve as a good source for vintage flowers!

Some nice and new old treasures always make me smile! :)


laurie -magpie ethel said...

good finds and love the little peanut gal. I would have bought the silly peanut box even if it was empty!

natalea said...

such good stuff!!!
xo natalea

Jennifer said...

paint by numbers are really only impressive as a collection. I have a friend who has an awesome older home and she has her stairwell walls filled with paint by number landscapes. Best to have at least 5, and they should follow some sort of theme.