Monday, May 3, 2010

Finally! A Bird Name!

Today's the day! Mr. New Bird finally gets a name! And all thanks to you guys! I had soooo much fun reading all of your suggestions! There were so many names that I never would have though of:

Axel le Plume
and a few others.

...and also many names that I hear all the time:

Ollie/Oliver = my sister's cat
Albert = my Great Grandfather
Pete = one of my best friends
Alex = one of my other best friends
Phil = my cousin
Steven = my other cousin
Buddy = the name of the kid that lived down the road from me when I was a kid
Milo = the name of every cat my brother ever owned (his current female cat is
Buster = my childhood rottweiler...I miss him!
Sam = one of our other parakeets (can you imagine - Sam, Sam and Michelle? Hmmm...I kinda like it!)
Someone even suggested Ben, which is my fiance's name. I'm picturing calling out for Ben and the bird comes too! lol

So much fun! Thank you all!

Now...Ben and I went through the list, slowly eliminating (Miss. USA pageant style) all of the names until we got down to one. And (cue drum roll) the winner is:

Levi! Sam, Michelle and Levi. It has a good ring to it! And we both came to this decision pretty easily, so it was really meant to be. This was suggested by sMacThoughts. Thank you so much and please send me your address so Mr. Spun Cotton birdie can start flying your way. And you can come up with another clever name for him! ( Congratulations!

Thank you again for all the awesome suggestions! Stay tuned for more giveaways and more fun! :)


Kerry Hawkins said...

very cute. I like the new name, he is a lucky bird

a painter said...

That is a wonderful photo of your budgies! And that is a wonderful name. How cute they are!

mimi k said...

Welcome Levi! Hope he is happy in his new digs :-)

sMacThoughts said...

HOLY COW, I missed this!! I will email you right away. I am so excited, I feel somehow a part of your family having named a member of it!! Thank you so much!!