Monday, June 7, 2010

One of a Kind Cake Toppers

As I had mentioned in past posts, I have been very busy working on wedding cake toppers...both custom and original one of a kind designs. I really enjoyed creating this array of toppers, in all shapes, sizes and species. And all are currently available in my Etsy shop.

Panda pair on a a straw box with vintage lilies flanking them. They look so in love!

This clean and classic bunny couple on a teeny tiny box is multi-purposed.

Who doesn't love pengiuns? Or penguin love for that matter?

Octopi on a mini coconut cake are always fit to please. The sheet paper seaweed stay within the neutral color scheme.

This pretty topper has to be my favorite. The flowered tree took some time to create, but quite worth it I think!

This topper feature two children under and vintage style wedding bell.

This large piece would be very striking atop a large cake. And it doubles as a roomy keepsake box.

These are all one of a kind, meaning they'll be the only ones like them ever. They were all so much fun to make and will certainly be the last big batch of topper for quite some time. onto more patriotic themed children, elves, and elephants! :)


Mary said...

I got married years (and years) ago, but love, love, LOVE that couple under the bell! What a great bunch of toppers. I'm sure they will all find their way to happy occasions!

vivian said...

amazing amazing amazing! you are now on my idol list! (I really do have an idol list!)
your cake toppers are wonderful!

wedding cake toppers said...

lol, really like the panda cakes toppers :)