Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Treasures from the Flea Market

I went to a local flea market a few weeks ago and picked up some fabulous goodies. Treasure hunting is by far my favorite way to spend a free morning and is something I sadly find I have less and less time to do. I love seeing all of the well loved (and some not so well loved) treasures sitting patiently, waiting to be reborn into something new or simply just loved again. Like these teddy bears. They were $5 and $10 and were well worth the moola. The little one I think is from the 40's or 50's and the bigger one I would guess is even older. They joined my other old stuffed animals in and near the old tin doll house I use as a shelf in my studio.

In this post I'm going to do something I don't normally do. I'm going to tell you how much each treasure cost. I guess it's often considered tacky to talk about price...but I always want to know how much other people spend on their what the heck. Do unto others...right?

This milkglass bunny container was a real steal at $4. It's possible that it's a repro...but it was very dirty, like it had been buried in some barn for many who knows. At the next booth they had the more common milkglass hens that were going for $30 each. I felt good about taking home bunny.

This little guy is kinda funny and was only a buck. It's not that old, but it is starting to rust, which I like. He'll be great when coloring eggs at Easter time and during parties to hold ice cream cones or paper candy cones (that was Ben's idea!).

If I were at a garage sale, this guy would have been kind of a lot in my book, but I couldn't pass him up at the flea market. My middle name is Fawn and so I am always drawn to them when I spot them. This fawn planter was only $5 without a chip in sight. Not too bad. I'd like to plant something in it that resembles trees so it will look like he's in a forest...any ideas?

These flowered hats were only a couple of bucks each and will be harvested for their flowers and leaves. Score!

This set of never used cardboard farm animals, maybe 30's or 40's? ...complete with barn, was my splurge of the day and was completely well worth it if you ask me. I absolutely love miniatures, farm animals, old time graphics and old things in general. This set encompassed all four. Twenty bucks bought me the whole thing complete with all of the animals and their stands, the barn, the directions for putting it together, and the box. All in perfect shape. I put it together as soon as I got home. I'm so thrilled!

My mom has this old hologram Barbie TV. She used to let me play with her old Barbie and accessories on rare occasions when I was a kid. Each time I was so excited to see each unique item in her Barbie box and carefully handle each piece as I set up a little Barbie scene. This TV and the vase of flowers were 50 cents each and now reside on my shelf of miniatures.

This old cake topper is semi sort of a buyer's remorse item. It was marked $8 but I got it for $5. It's in really bad shape. The whole base is broken and the new Mr. and Mrs. want to lean forward to take a plunge of death instead of the plunge of marriage. But it still looks good with my collection. Not the worst.

I think this old Dennison die cut was a good find at a buck. Full price is probably at least $10 or more. Plus, I really like it and can't wait to spook people with it at Halloween.

This was a dollar too. A really cool collapsible basket. I'm thinking eggs. Yes... Next year when we move we're getting chickens and I'll need something to collect the eggs in! :)

This tin was....guess how much? That's right! A dollar! I usually don't collect tins, because I hate how they like to give me a hard time when I try to open them. I'm not a priss, but I hate broken nails. But this little cutie was unique with it's movable handles and picnic basket appeal.

Lastly are these old paper and cloth American flag picks. The cloth ones are very hard to find and are always ridiculously a dollar or two each. This whole lot was $10 and includes waaaaay more than the old paper ones. The lady I bought them from was really funny though. She gave me the price for them and I agreed, but then said, "Oh wait...I have to keep a few of them for myself," and took a few out of my hand. Oh well. I didn't mind too much. I can't wait to use them next year for patriotic spun cotton cuties!

Thanks for reviewing my finds with me! And if you haven't already, please enter my blog giveaway. Check out my last post for details. I've heard some awesomely sweet, funny and endearing pet stories so far. Thank you!! :)


Petite Michelle Louise said...

gorgeous vintage finds crystal! i'm loving the hats..the cake topper and that sweet bambi! thanks for sharing!

NanE said...

Wow, great finds! I would have snatched up that little farm too in a blink. Thanks for sharing, Nan

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Great finds...and of course people are always curious about what we paid (human nature!) Great score on the cloth flags - I am always hunting them down too. Love the cardboard farm - very, very fun

Mary said...

I always wonder what other people pay for their finds since I am the queen of cheap. But I think your finds were all great bargains! I am IN LOVE with that paper farm and the plastic flicker TV.

lifespassion said...

I know this is late, but the cake topper is awesome, doesn't look too bad and was a heck of a deal! I have a whole collction of them and just love them! All your finds are great!