Thursday, September 2, 2010

Adventures in Paper Mache

I'm finally back from my week long trip to Montreal and Saratoga and it's officially September 1st! Or...September 2nd truly...but just over half of you preferred to see Halloween emerge on September 1st as opposed to earlier or later, according to my poll last month...and though I'm a day late, I intend to have lots of Halloween awesomeness to post about until Nov. 1st! Starting with these new creations which I'm super excited about!

I love working with cotton, but I often find myself getting the itch to branch out into other mediums, if only for a day. From crochet to clay to sewing to jewelry making... The possibilities of things to try are endless! And I will certainly remain true to the medium that has brought me so much happiness, but it doesn't hurt to mix it up a little, right? The gourd guy above is made from paper mache and has chenille stem arms and legs...isn't he great? The rest of my new creations were made with sculpted heads and spun cotton bodies. They've got lots of detail and a quick flip through a Halloween book provided a refreshing amount of inspiration!

The pumpkin girl on the left is my favorite of the whole collection. I think it's because she has the same excited expression I had as a kid getting ready to go out trick or treating! And I believe I'm going to take a rare move and keep her for myself! But that's not to say that her two companions aren't dashing in their own right...

A witch needs black kitties to keep her company, doesn't she? The girl cat doesn't even mind getting hit in the face with her broom! :)

And I know I've never seen the devil, an acorn man and a gourd man hanging out together, but what the heck! Come to think of it, I've never seen an acorn man either!

What a happy Halloween party they all make! They are all one of a kind and many of these have been scooped up already, but you can still buy the remaining figures in my Etsy shop...I'll be listing them today and tomorrow. :)


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Dang cute and love the new stuff. The witch is my favorite...they all have such a great looking personality.

Mary B. in Texas said...

I have been checking your blog every day first thing until today and I had to go out of town. I missed out on so many new precious Halloween creations. Please do more. They're great!
Glad you had a wonderful trip!
Mary B.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

gosh crystal...these are a-door-a-bull! don't ya just LOVE saratoga??