Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Christmas goodies!

I'm so happy to see my funny little characters getting new homes quickly! And so many more lovely people are asking about when I'll be posting more Christmas characters and snowmen. It brings me so much joy to see them all consistently so well received! Thank you everyone!

And before I get into mini descriptions of these guys and gals (like Santa and the angel on cotton personal favs from this group), I'll give you a run down of my new Christmas season Etsy posting schedule. If you're not interested in this, just skip down to the photos.

I normally post to Etsy quite randomly whenever I've finished up a group of characters, but for the remainder of the holiday season I'm planning to post small groups of brand new items once or twice a week. I will have blog previews for each group and if at any time you fancy any items in a new blog post that hasn't been listed on Etsy yet, just send me an email and I'll hold that piece for you. A little perk for blog readers and good for me because that's less I have to post on Etsy! Of course if there are any conflicts, it's first come first served. These pieces will largely be one of a kind and I will be unable to recreate any of them on request.

I'm hoarding a much larger collection of items that will be for sale during my three big holidays shows, one in NYC and two here in Boston. If you live near those areas and would like to attend one of them (which I highly recommend, not just for my cozy characters, but for the plethora of handmade goodies that will be available), check out my event schedule details on my website. In the two or three days following my last show, I'll be posting any remaining pieces still needing homes, plus any new pieces I finish up. I plan to make daily trips to the post office for a speedy delivery. The week right before Christmas I'll finally be breathing my big sigh of relief and will be cozy on the couch watching Christmas movies and making gifts for those near and dear to me! :)

Does that plan make sense? I am struggling to build up my stock of ornaments and figures and I want to make sure they are spread out evenly. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email me (

Now, time for the rest of the goodies!

Who doesn't love three snowy, sugary Santas? I know there's only supposed to be one Santa Claus, but we can pretend!

A pastel angel on one side and a snowflake elf on the other. The girl in the middle is my true pride and joy...she wears a tiny crocheted of my first ever attempts at crocheting! Maybe someday I'll attempt a full sized hat.

Candy cane goodness with neat antique sequin buttons. And isn't that one of the strangest pine cones you've ever seen?

Another duo of snowmen. One quite surprised (or whistling) with a doll sized button nose and the other holding a very old berry that I'm pretty sure is cotton filled.

And of course we can't forget a few hanging ornaments for the tree! Moon man, Santa and angel make a strange group of buddies, but during the most wonderful time of year, everyone is best friends!

I'll be posting these guys to Etsy starting tomorrow (Friday) morning, but remember if you'd like me to hold any of them for you, just send me an email! :)

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