Friday, December 31, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods...

I love that old Thanksgiving song, but that's basically what we did when heading to my parent's house on the farm for Christmas. These photos were taken with my phone a few days after Christmas once the blizzard settled down. Look at all the snow!

Ben and my sister Suzy spent a few freezing hours sledding, while I was all snug in the house, watching from the big patio windows.

The garden has long been asleep and discussions of what to plant for next year really got me in the mood for vegetable soup!

The bird house is chirpless as well. The bluebirds will return to it in the spring though!

And Dad has the proper equipment (a payloader) for extreme snow removal.

I hope you all are reflecting on a pleasant holiday as we look forward to the New Year! Tonight Ben and I are having dinner with friends, going to see the ice sculptures in the Commons and to watch the Boston Ballet perform (one of my favorites) the Nutcracker!

Happy New Year!

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