Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yay for Books!

With so many inspirational blogs out there today it's easy to sometimes forget about all the inspirational books that exist. I have a great collection of fabulous books and these three are the newest additions to my collection.

The Private World of Tasha Tudor by Tovah Martin is one that I borrow from the library over and over again. It's about time I finally had a copy of my own (thanks Mom!). Tasha Tudor has been a big inspiration to me for quite a few years now. I remember when I was a teenager my mom introduced me to her and I've admired her amazing way of living ever since. She died just a few years ago, but lived an amazing and fulfilled life as an illustrator and artist, the latter part of her life was captured in a couple of books and videos. She lived in a little cabin up in the Vermont mountains and was a true eccentric who loved all things early 19th century and felt she was born in the wrong century. She made her own soap, clothes, toys, etc. and had a bevy of farm animals from which she harvested the usual goat's milk, eggs, etc. Now I just need Tasha's Garden Book...they are all sooo good and fabulously inspirational!

And who could go wrong with one of Robert Brenner's collector's guides to the treasures of Christmas's past? This book showcases items from the '40's and '50's and is especially neat to look in because I actually own many of the items they showcase, which is always exciting.

I have those reindeer!

I have one of those paper pulp Santa's!

I have both of these!

But I could only hope to have these. Believe it or not they are old animals crackers, peanuts and marzipan fruit, carefully strung with tiny pieces of cord and lovingly stored for many years. I wonder how something edible survived so long! I love the slight variation in color and how they looked all gathered together.

And my two sister's hit the nail on the head with this Christmas gift. I LOVE I Spy books and this Spooky Night is really special. Perfect for some Halloween hunting!

This is my favorite photo from the book. How vintage and spooky! I can't stand it!!

This is a more simple image...but seriously, how cool is that?!

This little vintage book I picked up recently at a little store near my parent's house. It was only a buck 25 and for that price there was no way I was leaving without it!

It's a story about a gingerbread rabbit (way more interesting than a gingerbread man, right?)

He's simply rolled out one day...

Finds his way out of the kitchen and goes on a big adventure!

But the adventure is not without it's dangers of course.

But luckily he finds a happy ending with a pair of real rabbits who prefer to nibble carrots over gingerbread! :)

I would LOVE to hear about your favorite books!!


MJ Ornaments said...

What great finds! My favorite book was a Fairy Tale one my Tasha Tudor, and also her's called "Becky's Birthday." Take care, Martha

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

You will LOVE your I-Spy Halloween book... we have that book and with four kids, we STILL haven't found every object! ;)

Dawn said...

OOhhh, books, books, books.
All things Tasha Tudor, the Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace that takes 3 childhood friends from preschool (in the late 1800s) through Betsy's Wedding(including a trip abroad after college!).
Then there's Harry Potter, Little Women, Golden Books from the 40s and 50s illustrated by Corinne Malverne and books, books, books . . .

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Did you know Tasha Tudor also has out 2 VHS/DVDs? The Christmas one, "Take Peace" is to die for!