Monday, February 28, 2011

A peek at the process

A little while ago, photographer John Burke came to my house to do a photo shoot of "an artist at work". He directed and staged and shifted things around a bit and was able to get some really nice shots. Here are just a few. :)

- In the living room -
This is where the spinning starts, usually with me in my pajamas and the TV on.

- Painting -
Some pieces never get painted, but Mr. Foxy sure does.

- Getting dressed -
One of my favorite parts is dressing up all the characters. This bunny is getting a pretty antique tinsel sash.

- Details -
Ok...maybe this is my favorite part. Adding the finishing details. This custom cake topper required lots of individually glued leaves, but the result was great!

- Voila! -
The proud creator/crafter/mom of this little Easter gal...and of course countless others.

Thanks John for the amazing photos!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Cute post and great photos of you..what a fun opportunity to have some shots of you in action.

Jenny Holiday said...

Goooodness!! You were already wayyyy up there on my most awesome-est peeps list....but geez Louise!!!! Awwwesummmmm!!!!!!


Jennifer Lewis said...

Woot! That is my wedding cake topper (:

kandeland said...

that was so fun to see you "on action"! great post! xo natalea

Theresa Smythe said...

I disappear for a while and see you're in the big leagues now!
Congrats! Well deserved!