Monday, March 28, 2011

Late Night Sneak Peek

Mrs. Rabbit and her children

My mother, Sharon Hanehan, is an amazing crafter and I just love collaborating with her. She does the hard work and I get to do the fun part.

All of these characters will be available during my update tomorrow, but I thought they deserved some extra attention since so much extra love and care was put into making them. My sweet mother and I bat ideas back and forth until finally I tell her what to make (I'm very bossy I've heard, hehe), then she does her magic and takes fluffy wool and needle felts it into the shape of bunnies and chicks. She sends me the naked bodies and then I cut, glue, sew, dress and accessorize each one so they look dapper and charming and well...civilized. I use some of my favorite and coveted materials when dressing them up and take a lot of time on each one to make sure they're perfect and unique (all the felt is real wool, not the plastic stuff you find at the craft store). And we're both always so thrilled with the results and we hope you are too!

Hans and Henrietta Chick

Mars and Marcia are a little less refined, but instead prefer the natural, just out of the nest look

Mrs. Rabbit is the perfect mother and carries her newborn with ease.

She wears a felt and cotton outfit carefully sewn (even the vintage ric rac is carefully stitched on) and carries a wicker basket on her back. Pink chicks and eggs are essential for any outing you know.

Daniel and Sara Rabbit are named after my siblings. They are quite proper in nature and each wear specially tailored clothing

Daniel has an adorable pot belly and big bushy tail

Sara enjoys catching springtime crepe butterflies and is perfectly equipped with a butterfly net

Henrietta is an old new chick and prefers to spend her time milling about the garden collecting eggs. Her straw hat keeps the sun out of her eyes and her wicker basket keeps the eggs neat and tidy. And how strange...notice that she's a chick carrying a chick?

Hans is proud of his German heritage and proves it by sporting a German hat and vest. Catch him on a good day and you'll see him wearing his lederhosen

And these guys are the real stars of the show. They are German felted toys that my mother had when she was a kid. They were used as the inspiration for our collaboration.

Thanks Mom! You know I'll partner up with you any time! :)


laurie -magpie ethel said...

One word for your mom...CHARMING!

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Wow, these are really wonderful. Your mom's work is amazing. And I love the way yo have dressed them. They are perfect.

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

OMG! These are just amazingly adorable! You are a true talent - just love how you capture the details so sweetly.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING-(under statement) your mom and yourself are genius in your craft of cotton/needle felting.