Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Update Announcement!

We've been lucky this year with a late Easter. It's nice because we can all enjoy the pastels, flowers, eggs and duckies of Easter a little longer than usual. And my favorite part? Here in New England it may actually be somewhat warm on Easter! The neighborhood children can actually go Easter egg hunting without covering their pretty Easter dresses and dress shirts with chunky winter coats. The flowers will be blooming. And some may even be tempted to have their Easter feast outdoors! But...I'm also happy because I've gotten the chance to make even more of these cute little Easter characters before the holiday is over. This update will contain some of my most elaborate Easter pieces yet. They have a feeling of being just plucked from the garden...or maybe the hen house! I can't wait to show them all!

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New one-of-a-kind pieces will be available for purchase on:

Saturday, April 9th. Here, the blog. 11:00 am EST.

See you here on Saturday! :)

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vivian said...

ok.. I need in on your mailing list. I love your creations!
happy friday