Monday, June 13, 2011

It is Hair!

The mystery item is a mourning hair wreath! There were a lot of knowledgeable Nancy's and good guessers! My mom and Ben had to take second and thirds looks to believe it was hair! Folks in the 19th century crafted these from the hair of family members, often deceased ones as a sort of memorial to them. I wonder what the family of my hair wreath was like and what they would have thought of it ending up in my hands...a complete stranger...or who knows, it is a small world after all, perhaps I actually know a descendant! But short of doing DNA analysis and some hard investigation, I suppose we'll never know.

Just for fun I put together a collage of different hair wreath photos I found around the web...some of which are for sale right now. My favorite is the 1894 cool is that? It even has tiny birds within it. But I'm so happy I have my favorite own hairy treasure.

And stay tuned this week...I'll be having a waaaaay long over due giveaway and I promise it won't have anything to do with hair. :)