Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Summer Break

Yes that's right...I'm having a giveaway! But instead of my usual spun cotton goodies, the lucky winner of this give away will receive a beautiful, gorgeous outfit or dress! And I'm terribly jealous.

Shappy Apple, an amazing online apparel boutique asked me to pick out an outfit or dress from their shop to giveaway on my blog. Well I certainly didn't have to think twice! What better way to reward my fantastic, wonderful, loyal, beautiful readers than with a giveaway like this? They have the most amazing outfits, dresses and my oh my...their bathing suits are to die for!! Very vintage and adorable. Their website is very beautiful too.

But anyway, back to the giveaway...all you need to do to enter is to leave a comment here, on my blog, letting me know which of the Shabby Apple outfits pictured here is your favorite and why. Only one of the outfits is the one that I (secretly) chose to giveaway and out of all the people who choose that particular one as their favorite, I'll pick one winner randomly. That's a fun way to do it, right?

I'll announce the winner (and reveal the giveaway dress or outfit) in one week, next Thursday, September 29th. The winner will give me their size and address and Shabby Apple will ship directly to a US address only (if you live outside the US, you can ship it to me, I could use a new outfit! Just Kidding! Sorta...). No returns or exchanges.

Sounds pretty great right? look through all the photos and pick your favorite! :)

San Gabriel

After Class


With Honors

Spanish Steps

You can "like" Shabby Apple's facebook page and definitely take a peek at their website. Beautiful photos and vintagey designs. They have women's dresses, maternity (is it wrong to have a baby just for the clothes?), vintage style accessories, etc. Ok...enough raving. Good luck! :)


arteriole said...

I like "Co-Ed" the best. The brass buttons did me in =D *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

The Spanish Steps dress is amaaaazing. My favorite of Shabby Apple for sure. Love how versatile it looks!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Kate and I took a looksie and we chose the first one - San Gabriel. Super cute stuff!

AquaMarine Queen said...

hmmmm ... very clever choices! Co-Ed is my favorite. The sailor button treatment gets me every time ... and Chelsea needs a new outfit for her interviews :)

susan m said...

i love san gabriel..that is so cute, and fun to wear :)

Babsarella said...

They are all pretty fabulous, but I think after class is my favorite.

Mary B. in Texas said...

My favorite is "After Class," but I really like them all. It is always fun to see new designs.
Mary B.

Aubs said...

Oo! I love the after class dress!

Melanie said...

After class is my favorite. It's classic but with a modern twist. What a great giveaway any of them would be!

Flirty and Thirty said...

After Class, they are all really cute.

Jeanie said...

After Class for me, I love the way it's paired with the brown!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Hi there!

Spanish steps is a favorite!
and so is the RED vespa :)
It´s a shame that I live in such a small city, where it´s possible to ride a bike everywhere:)

I have a dream dress at "Shabby Apple",
The Madison Ave, WOW!

Have a great week

Ashley said...

Do I have to choose just one? I love the last four all but if you're making me pick one, I'd go with the With Honors dress. I like the color and the detailing around the waist.

mrs.marcus2 at yahoo dot com

Janie Mattern said...

San Gabriel is femine, flirty and still a bit edgy! The color is a stunner too!

Karen Ferri said...

I LOVE Spanish Steps, this has such a vintage and elegant vibe! Reminds me of something Grace Kelly would wear, while zipping around on her Vespa with cool sunglasses and a scarf wrapped around her head. So classy yet modern.