Friday, November 18, 2011

Teeny Gifts!

I'm a lucky girl! So so lucky! I'm so lucky to know so many fabulous and generous people who have extended their skill at crafting and their skill at hunting to me.

These happy/grumpy acorns were sent to me by Heather Donohue, who I met at the Tinsel Trading workshop I taught. I made such a big stink about her stinkin' cute creations that she sent me some! Yippee!! And I think she has more for sale. Check out her website! Thank you so much Heather! They are helping to nurse my baby Christmas cactus back to life with their good/mean vibes, as you can see here in the photo. :)

And this doesn't look like such a teeny gift from the outside....

But once you crack this baby open...teeny cotton chicks! Lisa, who also came to my workshop, went treasure hunting at Hell's Kitchen right before the show and scored some other goodies that she showed off and we drooled over, but she was so kind enough to bring me a find from an earlier hunt. A awesomely gigantic vintage paper mache egg with the most wonderful graphics on the outside. And two oh so adorable chicks inside! I LOVE it! Thank you so much Lisa!

And during the jaunt to NYC for the workshop, we stayed with Ben's mom and stepdad, Ed. Ed had just gone through his mother's house and found some really sweet treasures, which he showed me (it was like a time capsule!). His old boyscout uniform, a sweet book he wrote as a kid and other childhood treasures. Among them was a lead figure of a sledder. I exclaimed that I had a set of the same figures and he so generously insisted that I had his sledder to the set! I love it! Thank you so much Ed!

And this was a gift from today. A teeny chuckle as my not so teeny Sophie squeezed a nap into a teeny box. So cute!

I'm a lucky girl! Oh...and I really need to photograph some amazing gifts from our wedding to show amazing! :)

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Rae said...

those little acorns are so sweet!