Thursday, January 12, 2012

Work, Work, Work!

I am work, work, working in my studio this and making, cleaning and making! I've got these little Valentine's Day gals in the mix at the moment and I already have a few done. I'll be having an update soon!

I love working on Valentine's Day goodies...after the holiday rush it's nice to take a little more time dressing each one to make her (or him) just right!

Here's the larger picture and my other current studio! It's messy messy messy and I've actually cleaned it up quite a bit since the holidays if you can believe it. I'm working on doing a major overhaul and now that I've been in the studio for a good amount of time, I know exactly how I need to organize and set things up so my work will become more efficient and a nice flow is established. It will be a major sigh of relief when it's finished (until the next major overhaul that is...), but until then, I do enjoy the therapeutic mindlessness of sorting and sifting.

This is another part of my studio in the works...beautiful no? lol

I have a little room off the back of the studio where I take my photos and store things to sell. I had a series of prefab bookcases there, but there was still so much wasted space and the shelves were so shallow. So yesterday I began to whip up a new set of custom shelves that will fit the entire wall perfectly. Simple ladder construction makes it quick and uncomplicated. I've got lots and lots of old goodies I've been hiding away that I need to post in my Vintage by Crystal shop!

And what exciting news do I have? I'm getting a new camera! I've been using a combination of my cell phone and a terrible old camera from 1999 all this time. Don't ask me why I've put up with inferior technology for so long...I guess I'm a little slow, but finally I'm splurging on something that will allow me to take more detailed shots, more color correct shots, lighter shots, less blurry shots, and shots that I can actually use to show you everything I want to show you when I want to show you, on my blog! It's being delivered here sometimes soon and I can't wait!!!

And on a different note...we woke up to a winter wonderland this morning! We've had almost no snow this season and today is finally a pleasant change in scenery... And since I snapped this photo it's been snowing a mix of giant flakes and rain. My little sister stayed the night last night and had a two hour delay for school this morning. She snuggled herself into our bed like a cold puppy and had an extra little morning snooze!

Happy Snow Day!

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