Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Am I Too Old to Play with Toys?

No one is ever too old to be enamored by the charm and whimsy of toys made for children, right?

The other day I uncovered a somewhat small box in my basement labeled "German Toys". I remembered stashing it down there years ago when we still lived in Boston. My friend Lena, sent me a whole bunch of toys and other treasures from Germany...some to sell and some to keep. It was hard to not to keep all of it, but I did keep my very favorites...which included some wooden villages. They are so incredibly charming and cute, but I didn't really have room to display them properly in I saved them for New York.

Where o where to set up the tiny wooden fences, little horses and cattle and loofa trees?

Why, the place where many of my most treasured things go! The china cabinet in my dining room! There was an empty spot behind my putz barnyard.

I really had to squeeze the buildings and things together to get them to fit.

They look like distant villages to the large putz in front.

I love miniature animals...this flock of chicken is no exception.

Now...where to put my collection of flat wooden be determined. (Btw, I'm selling my doubles of these animals in my Vintage from Crystal Etsy shop, they are really hard to find in the US!) :)

I had fun playing with these toys from the past and from a distant land. Pretty soon I'll be working on redoing and decorating the rooms on the second floor of our house and will have a nice spot for my other collections of old animals and barnyard scenes and I'll get to play all over again! Can't wait!


Tina-Marie said...

Nope, never! I am flat old, and I just bought two lots from you! I am going to mix and match them with my Nancy Thomas animals and and an ark I painted years ago, plus a couple of old barns. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa W. said...

You are never too old to play with toys ! I have lots of these wooden animals ( and trees and fences ) too - I purchased a large bag of them many years ago at an antique show. I still love them like crazy !