Friday, February 3, 2012

Who Wants to go Picking Mushrooms?

Crumulus -22
Sunshine Cap - 22
Double Spotted - SOLD
Red Sombrero - 22

The mushrooms are ripe and ready for picking! And this time they stand upright, complete with real preserved moss! I plan to post these to Etsy, but thought I'd wait a few days to see if any of you fabulous blog readers wanted first dibs. :)

I attempted to give them scientific names by looking through my mushroom book, but they are all quite hard to spell and pronounce, so I instead decided to give them "common names", completely made up by me of course.

If you did feel the urge to add a mushroom to your collection, just email me at and let me know which one(s) you wanted and I'll send you a paypal invoice. Shipping is $3.50 total no matter how many you want.

Toadstool - 22
Figly Wigly- SOLD
Witch's Umbrella - SOLD
Brown Frill - SOLD
Wild Comoroon- 22

And a little peek at the gills...