Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter at my House!

I'm not always good at doing things on posting Easter things before Easter. But it's never too late for a tour, right? :)

I think the kitchen fireplace is my favorite of the three in the house. It's made of slate (abundant in this area), painted to look like marble. The faux of 100 years ago. I decorated it with some antique frames and jars and cloches displaying a couple of antique beekeeping artifacts that my dad gave me for Christmas.

To "spring" it up a bit I added all of my cotton chicks and bunny and a few chenille chicks and ducklings. My mom left a broken painted egg here for me to try and glue back together (in the first photo). Next year I'll have to show you her collection of eggs that she made in the 80's and early 90's...they're unbelievable!

On Saturday I went down the street to get some things at the little grocery store in town and stopped at a single table yard sale. I picked up this string of bunny lights for 50 it!

I love displaying things in the dining room and it's the space I reserved to show off my more pastel and light colored things, since the room is light and airy and Ben already thinks of it as a bit too girly.

The top of my china cabinet is an ever changing platform for goodies that need to be kept at a safe distance from the kitties. My collection of old and new pieces co-habitat lovely together.

There are many places to decorate, but this year I kept it simple...

A single little egg holder in the center of the table displays part of my meager egg collection.

I made two Humpty Dumpty's and a colorful marbled egg this year.

My mom gave these old marbled eggs to me on Saturday when she came over to decorate eggs (we weren't very productive, lol). I think my brother and I may have made these when we were kids. I love the uniqueness of them.

Just a few little springtime additions to the book shelves....

I filled a little basket with the rest of my chenille chick collection. The two pom pom bunnies were made by my mom a few years ago (made from Jennifer Murphy's directions), and given to me in my Easter basket. She made the little chick and bunny they are holding out of wool.

Even our catch-all front hall table got a few long earred additions.

This fireplace, like the one in the kitchen, is also slate, but this time painted to look like wood. It seems that it would be easier to make a mantle from real wood than from stone...but I won't complain! I love the unique effect.

Since our front hall is dark with very dark paneling and woodwork, I chose decorations for this mantel that were dark and old or old looking. The large chocolate plaster bunny was another "Mom" creation that I gleefully discovered in my Easter basket quite a few Easters ago (we don't do Easter baskets anymore...sniff, sniff). The smaller one was store bought. I love the vintage pom pom bunnies...Mamma and baby.

My sister found that nest on my driveway and I put some blown out quail eggs inside. The egg on the left is a wax candle and looks very very old. The tiny white blob next to it is the better half of an empty bird egg that my mom spotted on our Saturday walk across the street.

I love that cast iron Easter basket with glass egg inside. It's so small but is really heavy. I bit of an oxymoron. It's not old, but it is fantastic! That black vase (which is very old), a year-round staple for this mantel, is even more heavy. Heavy enough that you might grunt when you pick it up. It has a cork wedged tight into the top. I wonder what's inside? I've never dared to try and uncork it...

The living room got some Easter touches too. I've got a bit of a natural history thing going on right now on the side table...but the giant Easter egg lightens the mood of it.

The entertainment center holds my ceramic bunny and duck collection.

The colorful collection...

...and the neutral collection.

The downstairs bathroom even got some Easter added to it.

I hope you enjoyed my little Easter decor tour! Happy Spring everyone! :)


Len said...

Happy Easter! I was wondering about that heavy black vase, does it have any writing on it? The reason I ask is that it may be, but I can't tell from the picture, a fire extinguisher. They were thrown into the fire and the liquid chemical, very toxic I believe, put the fire out. Don't panic! I was curious. It may be something else altogether. If it is a fire extinguisher I would check it out as to safety precautions. Whatever it is, it is a very interesting shape. What are the "decorations" on it, old labels?

laurie -magpie ethel said...

The humpty dumpty egg you made - AMAZING! great faces on them. I just scored a bunny nodder on Ebay like the purple one on the top of your china cabinet. Mine is pink and lacks ears...time to do a bit of crafting!

sMacThoughts said...

OH Crystal, I absolutely love this house.... that fireplace, amazing, your antiques and old things... I thought *I* had a lot! Wow. And good lord, some bunny light seller just got robbed; lucky you!

Lisa W. said...

Just a WONDERFUL Easter collection.... thanks for sharing ! I have to say that your kitties must be very , very good .... mine would have those cotton chicks well chewed up all over the house.