Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Snippets of Easter

My home has been decorated for Easter and spring for a few weeks now, and I thought I'd share a few snippets of some of my favorite things with you.

This basket full of chicks was a gift from my mom, who scored them at Brimfield last summer. The little chenille chick that all the cotton ones are watching was also from Brimfield, but several years ago and a gift from a friend who owns a barn turned antique store in Brimfield. He haggled with another dealer for something expensive and when I eyed a plastic bag with about ten of these chicks, he threw them into the deal...yay! That's also how I scored two boxes of pristine vintage chenille pheasants and peacocks...I finally used one of them in the last update (pretty purple bird rider). Thanks Eric!

I snatched the metal cabbage that these bunnies are nesting in at a local thrift shop not long ago. I'm personally a little obsessed with patchwork bunnies and green cabbage and couldn't help but display this piece in the dining room until/if it found a new home.

This gorgeous and gigantic egg was such a wonderful surprise from Lisa in Massachusetts. It's filled with grass and has a single tiny cotton chick inside...much more real estate than a chick of it's size and position in the world needs...but I thought it was perfect. And it looks perfect in the tarnished silver urn in the living room.

The front hall is dark and masculine, so the pastels and fru fru of Easter clashed strangely on the mantel instead I gathered all my muted and extra old and old-looking spring pieces to display, including a fallen nest that my sister found on my driveway that I filled with dried quail eggs...and the whole thing looks splendid and well placed. I love this old mechanical chick and my first go at a project involving paper mache and one of my mom's Easter molds.

I usually don't like machine made reproductions...but I found these cuties on Etsy and couldn't resist them. They stand out nicely against the backdrop of milk glass egg cups I found in Germany.

And who can decorate for Easter without a basket full of eggs...or at least freshly hatched chicks! Vintage chenille chicks and duckling are so quirky and funny...whether they're dressed in wacky outfits fit for an English gentlemen and an American Sunday school teacher, or whether they're simply adorned with a cardboard or pipe cleaner beak and some bead eyes.

I'll show you the rest of my Easter displays in a few days. I hope you enjoyed the snippets! :)


Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

i love all your fuzzy chicks! especially the pink ones in the basket. such a great display! i have some of those repro bunnies too! i'm usually not a fan, but i got them at the flea market for 25 cents each and really like how they look. i wish i had a blue one, all mine are yellow.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Always love getting a snippet of other people's Easter displays. The chicks are awesome!

Your Craft Book said...

First of all congratulations to Stepanie for winning one of your creations. I was also lucky enough a long time ago to win one of Crystals designs and I treasure it still. It was a halloween figure of a lady with wings and I still get it out every year. I was the lucky number one on the counter, Yah!!!

Crystal you also reminded me that I have a box of vintage chicks so I must get them out and decorate, have a great Easter Sunday, blessings always, Maureen.