Thursday, August 30, 2012

Estate Sale Finds!

I haven't been to an estate sale in a while, but I did just find photos that I forgot to post of a sale I went to a few months ago. This sale was at a house right on Saratoga Lake and the view was beautiful! But I was much more interested in the view in the basement...which is where I found this folly collections of blow mold jack-o-lanterns and a pair of die cuts.

I also found some non-melted gurly candles...too cute!! I usually don't pick up candles because I'm afraid they'll melt where ever I store them...but these couldn't be passed up!

I really like those two bunny heads and have them sitting near my work table on top of one of my shelves where the wind blows them down all the time. I have a nice small collection of tin eggs and am always on look out for more.

A cool jumping frog and a herd of small animals. I love toys!!

I also really like guide books about nature and natural history. This bird book is filled with beautiful illustrations as well as lots of info on each species.

I've been wanting to do a bird species series in spun cotton...I think this book will be a great reference!

A teeny tiny lamp and a very useful hanger.

Noise makers are always a hit at parties....maybe I'll have to throw one now!

I should keep my eye open for more estate sale listings...they are always a trove of undiscovered and hopefully un-marked up treasures! :)


Pony Chops said...

Some really cute finds there!

Lisa W. said...

I love what you found and I am looking forward to your spun cotton birds ! That book will certainly come in handy

Heather Donohue Crafts said...

I love the latest batch of owls (and your owls in general).

Total score on the blow mold pumpkins! I went to an estate sale last week and scored but one. I think your neck of the woods has enchanted estate sales or something. You lucky girl!

Happy creating,