Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

It's time to rock out to the Monster Mash!!  Halloween is finally here!  And for your viewing pleasure, I've snapped a few quick shots of the decor I've got around the house.  As of so far, I've only been decorating the first floor (maybe next year I'll start moving upstairs a bit), but it's a big improvement over last year, where I only decorated the front hall mantel (the other rooms were under construction so-to-speak).  

The little teeny jack-o-lantern above was mine when I was a kid.  My brother and I each got one from the grocery store or someplace like that and it came with an air plant which promptly died (I don't think I knew it was real).

 Even Ben's old camera's get to dress up.

 The books aren't meant to be scary...but kind of are.

 In fact, much of my permanent display is quite Halloweeny in and of itself.  What does that say about my taste?

 Stacks and stacks of pumpkins and hats for everyone, er....everything!

The awesome chenille devil was a steal and I got the scary mask from a store in China town a few years ago...It was super cheap, but is one of the most realistic looking masks when you put it on.

Mr. Pumpkinhead Man...

 On the piano...again...strangely spooky in its own right.

 Even my reading spot on the dining room table got a little Halloween flare with a trio of vintage images I made a long long time ago.  I had lined the outside with milkweed fuzz...weird, but cool!

 And of course I put up my crepe paper Halloween tree.  Most of the ornaments on it are too big if you ask me...but I love it anyway!

 Love love love paper mache lanterns...but the repros were all I was able to afford so far...

An array of other goodies scattered about the dining room/library.

 Even the windows in the kitchen got a little something. 

I just love love love Halloween and I wish you all a very merry one!

I'm off to see my little niece trick or treat for the first time and then gorge on buffet in true upstate style with my dad and Andrea (who helped me decorate by the way!).  

Happy Halloween!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Super festive! Love the Halloween tree. Enjoy trick or treating with your niece.

vivian said...

everything looks great Crystal! I love halloween too!
happy spooking!

Lisa W. said...

I love your Halloween decorations - they look so GREAT in your new (old) house !! I am looking forward to your Christmas displays !