Friday, March 15, 2013

Late Winter Walk

 The other day Ben, Winnie and I went for an early spring (technically late winter) walk.  The Hudson River is directly across the street and there are paths galore down there to explore whenever the heart desires.  

I didn't bring a "treasure container" thinking it was far too early to find any treasures.  But alas I used my coat pocket to store some shore bird feathers and teeny tiny fresh water shells.  There were tons and tons of large shells, but they were boring by comparison and too dirty for my pockets. 

 Look at the teeny weeny clams!!  Just babies!

 We ventured onto a small long and skinny island and stopped for some photos at a nicely crotched tree.  Winnie wanted to get up too, but she's not a very accurate jumper.

Neither is Ben.  

A wonderful way to spend a nice (sort of) warm day!  :)

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vivian said...

looks like fun Cyrstal!
have a great weekend!