Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where o Where is Spring??

 Where is spring?  I suppose all the willing in the world won't keep the snow from falling!  And I suppose according to the calendar, we do have one more day of winter...it didn't want to be dismissed as early spring I guess!

 Ben woke up early to snow blow...good thing he likes using it!

 The trees knew better than to bud out when I wanted them to!

 Sigh...it is a beautiful sight I can't deny.  Just melt soon snow...I've scheduled the first frost hardy seeds to go into the garden in just ten days and I need that soil thawed by then...or I just might have to start biting my fingernails!  lol

I suppose it does make it nice to work in the studio all day...no longing to get outside today.  :)

 And while I'm blogging, I might as well show you a sneak peek of the downstairs bathroom...wallpaper and wall paneling and light fixture...check!  The plumber is installing the sink today.  Can't wait!

And I've just got to share a cute sleepy photo of Sophie and Paige.  They just love each other...

Happy last day of winter!  :)


Carol T said...

Spring has not sprung in Michigan either. We also had some snow yesterday and this morning. Not as much as you though. It is a very blustery day today and I am staying home and hopefully getting some housework done and maybe a little Easter decorating. BTW - I received my package from you yesterday and I love it. I told you I always wanted one of those Napco egg cups and now I have one with the bonus of two of your creations. I put it on my kitchen windowsill where I will get to enjoy it the most throughout the day!

clarenceandoliver said...

Sophie and Paige are floofalicious!

~ Rosie in snowy WI

vivian said...

well, I think we're all tired of winter, but you have to admit it is beautiful! and, I think all men love to snow blow... good thing, because I dont want to do it!
have a great week