Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Cotton Anniversary to us!

Today is Ben and my second wedding anniversary, also known as the cotton anniversary!  I think Ben joining the Vintage by Crystal spun cotton team this year was quite appropriate!  We'll be traveling today, on our way to the great northwest!  Can't think of anyone I'd rather go with.  :)

**This photo was taken by our good friend Jess at Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca NY on our first "date" almost 9 years ago.  She printed and frame it for us as a wedding present.  Ahhh...memories.  :)  I love you Ben!!


vivian said...

really Ithaca? I go out that way every now and then. My aunt has a cottage on seneca lake which isnt too far from there. Plus theres a boys home that we send kids too every now and then out there. Also, my son lived in Ithaca for a couple years.
Happy anniversary!

GrayFlannel said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!! Wishing you many more wonderful years to come. Have fun on your vacation too! Can't wait to hear about your road trip. So many exciting things going on - very happy for you guys!