Friday, August 2, 2013

The Circus has come to town!!

 This summer I was enlisted to create a set of circus acts by a very lovely and fun loving customer and I had a blast creating them!  She sent me photos of the pieces she had displayed already in cubby shelves and they look so great I just had to share!!  She put some of the pieces on little pedestals and added a vintage postcard to each vignette (you can buy them at the Circus World Museum store) it!!

The first one is a clown's folly.  The big clown with balloons, ready to scare all the children (not intentionally of course), the tiny clown on a raucous pig, and the unicycling clown.

I just sent a second set out that include a snake charmer and sitting elephant.

 She had the umbrella monkey riding the flame jumping leopard with the dancing bear doing her act in the next ring.

 Flying trapeze artists and an alligator daring!!

 The ring master introduces the stiltsman while an excited circus patron watches with her souvenirs in hand.

 A plethora of individual acts are all going on at once, including horse dancer, ring tosser, gun slingin' "Mary" Oakley (great great great granddaughter to Annie Oakley of course) and the flame eating demon.

The last act of the show for now is the death defying lion tamer, with whip in hand and crowds on their feet!

I've been so inspired while creating these circus acts and have lots more in mind!  You'll be seeing more down the road I hope and remember that if you have an idea for a spun cotton display or gift, I'm always working on custom orders and would love to make whatever your heart desires!!  :)

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