Thursday, September 26, 2013

Acorns and Pinecones Oh My!

 I think I'm in love!!  A wonderful customer and friend from the west coast just sent an amazing collection of acorns and pine cones!  And sure, they are just acorns and pine cones, but my oh my are they so so beautiful!!!  They are tiny natural works of art and I feel like I've just been introduced to an amazing new artist.  The acorns are like none I've seen in my neck of the woods, and even when I was on the coast myself, I nary saw an oak tree, let alone an acorn (and I was looking too).  Just gorgeous!!!  The acorns we have here in NY are pretty too, very round and some very very large, but when you see something all the time, it's fantastic to see a completely different version of it.  These guys are long and thin, the caps are very delicately formed.  The tiny ones are really unusual, like tiny pointy gems.  And there are tiny pine cones too in that little you'd need good eye sight to spot them on the ground...sigh...

 And she also sent these glorious little pine cones.  Just the right size for the little characters in my world, and with long stems to boot.  The strangest thing is that these small cones come from the largest trees in the world!!  They are from the giant redwood trees!  I thought I had collected some on our trip, but I think mine were really from douglas firs (those trees were huge too).  The largest cones I had managed to collect on our trip came from these scrubby little Charlie Brown trees on the top of a mountain... Nature is really something sometimes! 

 And look!!  She sent two whole boxes of them!!  

Thank you so so much Leslie!  These are really special!  :)


laurie -magpie ethel said...

if you were visiting now we would have to walk the neighborhood for acorns and chestnuts..they are everywhere!

vivian said...

sweet little treasures! I know they will go well with your fall creations! nice surprise!