Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Decorations in December...

The front hall mantel looks quite a bit different now...but before the transition from gobble gobble to ho ho ho, I snapped a few quite pics of the goodies I put out for Thanksgiving.  Things have been so crazy busy in the studio and while we're fairly caught up in orders, we're running a little behind on blog posts!  Anyway, the front mantel always seems to get the focus for my holiday decorations...mantels always need switching up and with two shelves instead of one, this one is perfect for playing around with throughout the year.  

I have several turkey candles, which are so beautiful and looks great displayed with my vintage planters.  I've got a whole flock!  But I'm just noticing now that there are no gals at this party....I think I need to hone in on some lady turkey's for next year!  ...Although they won't be easy to find...everyone loves the boys!

I have a deep passion for crepe paper and am so happy to be the lucky owner of this pilgrim pair of Japanese crepe people.  Sigh....aren't they adorable??

Another two of my best Thanksgiving pieces...a pair of vintage paper mache turkey candy containers.  Handsome aren't they?

Acorns and pinecones add to fall feel of Thanksgiving.

 And lastly, on the other collection of the weirdest (but still cute!) crepe turkey's you'll ever see. 

They have no beaks!!  Poor things...

Ben and I had a great Thanksgiving and we hope you did too!  :)


Anonymous said...

Crystal, The stuffed owl was a mascot from my former, all girls school in Rosemont PA- The Agnes Irwin School..Funny !

Vintage by Crystal said...

That's Awesome! so funny!! We're more than glad to represent. :)