Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Studio Renovations!!

 Exciting stuff is happening in the studio right about now!  Ben and I are doing a studio renovation and makeover!  Whoohoo!!

The studio was pretty ok before...but the white osb sheets that were serving as flooring are starting to flake, and they're pretty ugly to boot.  The ceiling of the turret still needs to be painted...a project I started when we first moved in, but didn't have time to finish.  And the big whopper...the old yucky bathroom!!  The third floor of our house, where our studio is, was originally an unheated, open attic when the house was first built in the late 1800's.  Somewhere in the mid-1900's, that space was converted to an apartment (the rest of the house was split into apartments too).  They built an addition that served as a bedroom (now the storage/photo room), and added a closet (which is still handy), a kitchen (where I do all my painting) and a bathroom.  The bathroom was old and extremely outdated and had no water going to it anyway.   It took up a huge chunk of real estate and attracted clutter.  Soooo...out went the bathroom!!

Ben and I shoved a whole bunch of stuff into the little photo room..yikes!

And pulled out the kitchen counter, which I wanted to save for the big island work table I'm making.  Turns out it was more difficult to pull out than first anticipated.  It's all hand built to the space and was nailed to the floor.  Phew!  I hope I can figure out how to put it back together!

Then we started smashing walls!

My dad let us borrow his sawsall and I went to town with it, cutting apart the bathtub and wall studs.

We're half way there!  The handyman is coming today to work on plumbing and electrical and I'll be pulling up floors, Ben will be answering emails, the cats will stay out of the holes between floorboards, and Olive will be sleeping (hopefully!).  Happy demo day!  :)


Santas Haunted Boot said...

Nice work guys! It'll be fantastic when you're finished. :)

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Lucky you to be able to get more space in your studio! Can't wait to see the finished space..good luck with the project!

Chris Meier said...

Not all people are fond of renovations, because they tend to be overwhelming and can be a pain in the neck at times. But thinking of all the changes and additions you have planned for your studio -- a kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom -- it became more exciting than overwhelming. Anyway, I hope the handyman is done with all the plumbing and electrical work, so all of you can proceed to the next task.

Chris Meier @ Williams Mechanical