Thursday, March 27, 2014

What's Up.

Thank you everyone who snatched up some goodies during our latest blog sale!  There are a few cuties still looking for someone to love them, but for the most part, all the characters are comfy and cozy in their new homes (or soon will be).  And also I'd like to apologize to anyone who may have gotten frustrated when you emailed us and didn't hear back immediately.  Our email was majorly messed up and at the worst time possible!  Emails were not coming in in the order they were sent and most were coming in much later than they were sent...Eeek!!  We were even getting emails at 4 or 5 in the afternoon that were sent at 11-something.  Horrible.  Anyway...with that we decided to change our email server completely...and sooo....we have a new email address!  From now on, Ben and I can be contacted at  Kinda long, but easy to remember I think.  And we'll have a forward on our old email address, so no matter which one you email, the message should reach us.  Phew!  I'm sure Ben will make an official announcement once he changes all of our accounts, etc.

Now...onto more fun things.  What have we been up to lately?  Well...while squeezing in creating things and taking care of Olive...we've been ripping the studio apart!  Literally!!  It's been going on for the past month (waaay too long) and while we're currently at a place in the transformation we can stay at for a little while while I catch up on orders, it's still not done!

 Ben and I (mostly Ben) ripped up the thin osb overlay on the floor to reveal the original pine planks that's considered the subfloor.  Well...this stuff is beautiful and is now the main floor! 

Our studio is the attic of the house that was made into an apartment in the early 80's (I just learned the date from Mike down at the hardware store who is related to the original owners of the house).  It had this hideous and very claustrophobic bathroom that had no running water and was taking up a huge amount of space.  So we ripped it all out!!  This is what I'm building in it's place.  
 And this is where our new old sink is going.  I had my handyman tap into our existing water lines from downstairs and Ben and I traveled through three states to pick up a free antique cast iron sink from Craigslist.  

The first section of the studio is almost finished and I worked in it for the first time today!!  It was great!  Now we just need the sink installed and we're onto the second half...phew!

Oh...and what else is up?  I thought I'd share part of my lunch...yummy hard boiled quail eggs from Miss. Quailie who lives in the dining room.  Delish!  :)

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Kathy said...

What a project and hard boiled quail eggs,!